Directors Directing

Things are solidifying and we are so pleased to announce the Board of Directors and positions for our budding organization. This has been a very busy couple of days. We set out a schedule for monthly meetings (every first Sunday of the month - we Skype in so if you'd like to join and hear what we are about, please email us and we'd love to have you!) Business cards are in the mail and our TAX ID number is in. We met with one of Jasmine's friends, Brinda, who is a dentist, and we are teaming up with her and her group of volunteers to do our first mission in Fiji in January 2016!! We are also well on our way with Articles of Incorporation approved by the State of California, tax exemption application to the CA state tax board, and finally the mama-jama of all non-profits - a complete form 1023 for 501(c)(3) federal status. Thanks - we are well on our way!

Jasmine Patel, President

Vijay Patel, Vice President

Boris Palencia, Treasurer

Alexander Charlton-Rosa, Secretary

Mystic Palencia, Executive Director

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