This program is based on educational outreach with women and provide them with health education, prenatal health education, sex-education, and cleft awareness. Our comprehensive prenatal health sessions focus on how to promote and practice healthy habits, such as dietary guides provided in both English and Spanish with healthy and non-healthy food visuals and explanations.
Grant/ private donor funding allows us to expand our outreach programs, create materials, and provide constant educational seminars for our recipients. This program also incorporates Weekend Health & Wellness Days, which are weekend events where we set up at a community center, provide education on prenatal health education, and distribute essential vitamins.


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In this program we sustain the work we do with recipients of Reach.Teach.Grow and W.O.M.B. by further assisting women and children.
Grant/private donor funding allows us to provide dietary intervention education, resources for primary care, and conduct surveys and Epidemiological analyses on the impact of this program. For women who are not pregnant we continue to work on dietary education and primary care. For pregnant women we provide dietary education, primary care, and promote breastfeeding. For children with cleft-lips or cleft palates we provide specialty baby-bottles, deworming medication, and Vitamin A supplementation. We also provide Vitamin A supplementation and deworming for children under 5 years old who are not affected by clefts.
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This program provides women with the necessary vitamins and micronutrients required for a healthy life and full-term pregnancy. There is a plethora of health literature and evidence that suggests folate has preventative effects on the occurrence of neural-tube defects and can prevent clefts.
Grant/private donor funding allows us to purchase and donate multivitamins, prenatal vitamins and conduct surveys and Epidemiological analyses on the impact of these supplements. These surveys and analyses are central to our future planning and program design to ensure we are effectively and efficiently treating the needs of our clients.