Mystic X. P. Rosa,

Executive Director

Mystic Rosa is the founder of The Cleft Foundation, an idea that grew out of the desire to provide women and children an opportunity for healthy living, despite their income level. Mystic's passion for making healthy choices via functional medicine have evolved throughout her lifetime. Growing up vegetarian and testing positive for homozygous C677T genetic mutations have given her a firsthand look at the negative impact of folic acid and benefits of folate in a child and mother's nutritional foundation. Mystic graduated from Pitzer College with a B.A. in English Literature & Fine Arts double-major, is a Burbank Health Foundation Scholar, and a member of the Pasadena After-Hours Rotary Club and founder of Redwood Building & Design, LLC, an acquisition and holding real-estate company. She lives with her husband in South Pasadena, CA.